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Participate in Entertainment

Our constantly expanding Entertainment Department boasts hundreds of performers that bring our streets and stages to life each weekend. The department has a few different options for joining.


Theatrically, the guilds make up the different types of villagers living in Willingtown and the characters that would be visiting the town for the annual Market Faire. The peasants, middle class, constables and washer women are a few of the types that would reside in Willingtown. The Queen's courtiers, guardsmen and military are groups that would be visiting. Most of these guilds accept new members each year through simple informal auditions and interviews. All guild members attend workshops. Guild recruitment starts on registration day. The registration and workshop process will be explained below.

Theme Characters

Actors are cast in specific roles that make up the leading historical characters of the time, such as Queen Elizabeth, William Shakespeare or Sir Francis Drake. They also portray the local prominent townsfolk such as the Mayor, the Sheriff and their families. Auditions for available roles will be posted on the web site in this section.

Contracted Stage Acts

Most Stage Shows are contracted circuit acts that perform a specified number of weekends. These acts are generally hired several months in advance prior to the season. Stage Acts interested in applying should contact the Entertainment Director at Entertainment@NorcalRenFaire.com starting in January.

Workshops and Registration

All prospective performers must register in person and attend a specified number of workshops in order to participate. Workshops are provided free of charge and are required to join. They are informal, fun and brief. These workshops will guide prospective performers on appropriate costuming, the language of the time, improvisation and a variety of subjects that will prepare people for participation.

  • Registration begins with a general meeting at 9:00AM sharp on Saturday, August 25th
    at the large Royal Garden Stage on the faire site.
  • Workshops continue on August 26th, September 1st and 2nd. There may be some limited classes on September 8th.
    (If you are unable to attend on the 25th, new applicants may still register by 10:00am on the 26th or 1st at the latest.)
  • The entire cast participates at our annual Dress Rehearsal and Media Day held Sunday, September 9th.

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes, a hat, and good closed toe walking shoes. Bring a lawn chair or other portable seating, pack a lunch, and sunscreen. On most weekends sandwiches and snacks are available to purchase on site.

Entertainment participants must adhere to costume guidelines designated by the management.
Official Costume approval is required to participate. Workshops are available to guide new participants through these guidelines and costume construction.

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